Maggie Tse

A O G P is an accessories studio founded by Maggie Tse in 2013, it stands for “An On Going Project”. She believes that design is a reflection of one’s experiences and techniques. “We are inspired by our past, and our creations will change our future. This design life cycle is an on-going project.”

The studio provides unique fashion and accessories that are niche and inspiring. They believe everything is full of possibilities, with no fixed definition. And they aim at bringing excitement and novelty to their customers with A O G P accessories. All pieces are handmade through inspirational designs with a contemporary style, and with an emphasis on eclectic use of materials and custom-developed construction.

Maggie’s design aesthetic has been formed by her past and experience. After graduated in BA fashion design and completed an MBA from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, she broadened her expertise by designing women’s wear for various international fashion brands including Anteprima and agnèb Sport b. She is passionate about art and design and never stops pursuing knowledge, innovation and novelty.

Maggie received “Young Talent Award” by The Hong Kong Designers Association in 2002, and “40 Under 40 Awards” by Perspective Magazine in 2014.