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Massbranded, the high-end men’s streetwear label created by Puerto Rico-born fashion designer Mass Luciano, has teamed up with world-renowned Israeli party producer, actor and model Eliad Cohen for a brand-new athleisure collection for the urban man on the go called “Massbranded for Eliad Cohen.” With seven new styles, inspiration for this collection was drawn from the military backgrounds of both Cohen, who served three years in the Israeli Defense Forces, and Luciano, who grew up in a military family.

With over fifteen years of experience in the fashion industry, Luciano has worked with popular international brands like Guess, Rock & Republic by Victoria Beckham and Lee Jeans. His rise to fame skyrocketed in 2015 when he competed for and won the titles of Mr. Gay Hong Kong, and ultimately, Mr. Gay World. The accomplishment inspired him to launch Massbranded, an energetic label that pushes boundaries, revs style engines and leaves nothing – and everything – to the imagination.

Luciano took some time to chat more with OUT FRONT about the new collection, how he got his start in fashion and what more he would like to do with his label and platform.

Hi, Mass! Congrats on the release of your new capsule collection, “Massbranded for Eliad Cohen.” Can you tell us more about it and your inspiration?
My pleasure! I have been a fan of Eliad Cohen for years, way before launching Massbranded. We were introduced by a friend in Los Angeles a year ago and it was great to hear that he was a fan of the brand. We started talking about designing an athleisure collection that combines his love of fitness with our brand’s approach to streetwear. We wanted the collection to reference military uniforms used for physical training and drills, but reinterpreted for the man on the go. Each style can be worn together as a set for a complete head-to-toe look that looks good on the way to the gym or the clubs. When the samples were ready, Eliad and I met in London to go over the final details, like adding zippers to all the pockets and adjusting the fit. We are really happy with how the styles turned out and excited to launch it online at

How has “Massbranded for Eliad Cohen” been received by audiences so far?
We officially launched the capsule collection in early June, and it has been well received. The styles are versatile and make standing out effortless, casual, sexy and cool. We know the world is going through challenging times, and the thought of delaying the launch just didn’t feel right. We worked very hard on this project and being able to carry on with our plans and have the support of our customers and fans is rewarding.

What is the overall message you are trying to convey with this collection?
That dressing casually doesn’t mean dressing down. The materials we used, like luxe bonded jersey, heavy-gauge double-knot jersey and perforated neoprene fabrics bring a luxury, structured and soft touch that feels comfortable without compromising style.

Have you always had a passion for fashion? How did it all begin?
Yes, I caught the fashion bug at a young age. My mom has always been very stylish and she would take me shopping with her. I loved seeing how clothes made her feel, changing the way she moved and how she viewed herself in the mirror. I started sketching women’s clothing when I was 12-years-old, drawing the runway looks I would see in my mom’s fashion magazines, like Hola and Vanidades. I designed my girlfriends’ dresses for their proms and Quinceañeras, and their local seamstress would sew up the styles for them. The process of creating something on paper and seeing it come to life has always excited me and it still does. Anything is possible!

I moved from Puerto Rico to Los Angeles to study fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. After finishing my studies, I landed my first job working for Guess Jeans designing women’s denim styles. That job really opened up the doors for my 15-year career.

Your rise to fame began in 2015 after winning the Mr. Gay World competition. How did that lead you into launching your own fashion label?
I took a break from work to prepare for the competition and designed most of the outfits I wore. As a womenswear designer, I never really designed clothes for myself and I wanted the styles to stand out and show off my personality. The reaction I received was overwhelmingly positive and the idea of starting my own label started to take form. My partner and I launched Massbranded shortly after and the first collection sold out in a few weeks, which took us by surprise. Five years later and we are still in business which is very satisfying.

What boundaries are you trying to push with your styles?
That streetwear can be sexy! There is a way to be provocative with how you dress and maintain an elevated taste level. I try to push the boundaries of masculinity and sex appeal without looking vulgar and cheap.

What else inspires your collections?
My childhood is a big source of inspiration. I am an army brat, so military elements usually show up in my collections. I was terrible at sports, but I loved seeing athletes in uniforms on TV, especially during the Olympic games. I like to reinterpret uniforms and matching sets in my designs. Architecture is also a source of inspiration. I appreciate structure, form and function found in architecture and how similar it is to fashion. Both should be practical and visually appealing.

Being a person of color born in Puerto Rico, was it easier or harder to break into the fashion industry?
I have been very lucky with my experience in the fashion industry. When I first started my career in Los Angeles, the companies I worked for were very diverse with people from different races and backgrounds. I know that is not always the case, but for me, being a person of color was not an issue.

Fashion is constantly changing and evolving. What more would you like to do with your platform and make sure you voice is heard?
As a fresh brand, it is important for us to stay true to our vision and to our customers, which is sometimes challenging as we grow. Some people want us to try different things in order to appeal to a broader clientele, and it is crucial to have the right balance without compromising what we stand for. We make clothes that make our customers stand out from the crowd. Being visible is empowering, especially within the gay community. We encourage our customers to be bold and I hope to continue designing collections that make a statement.

What’s next? Any other upcoming projects we should be on the lookout for?
Right now, we are paying close attention to the devastating impact COVID-19 is having across the globe. When the time is right, we hope to expand Massbranded into a lifestyle brand by introducing underwear, swimwear and activewear.

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Text: Denny Patterson

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