Classics Anew is a hybrid fashion label merging the Chinese traditional aesthetics with contemporary elements founded by Janko Lam in 2014. With its unique, elegant and timeless design, it brings the nostalgic Chinese romance alive. Having implemented the finest traditional Chinese craftsmanship with western techniques and fabrics like organic cotton, linen, denim and silk, Classics Anew aims to turn the vintage clothing to stylish yet comfortable daily pieces. By emphasizing details like buttons, mandarin collars and different cuttings, Classics Anew brings its signature collections to a new fashion era. When tradition embracing the modern, Classics Anew not only turns the cheongsam into classic feminine representation, it also recreates a nostalgic Chinese atmosphere for the modern fashion world. With the passion for Chinese costumes, Classics Anew aims to promote and preserve the Chinese heritage through its timeless design and collections.

Janko is devoted to her oriental fashion design and aims to raise awareness in the Chinese heritage and modern aesthetics. Graduated from Caritas Bianchi College of Careers, major in fashion and textile design, she first started her career from TVB as a costume designer for stage and drama productions. Janko has won the championship of the “Eco Chic Design Award” organized by REDRESS in 2011. Since then, Janko has been actively engaged in sustainable fashion-related event and exhibitions, her works have been exhibited across the world, including Paris Louvre, Germany, Japan, Vietnam, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau etc. In 2013, Janko received the “40 under 40” Fashion and Accessories Award from the Perspective Magazine. The elegant reinterpretation of the cheongsam with the use of recycled fabrics has created a great reputation for Janko within the fashion industry. Her passion for bringing the nostalgic Chinese era into modern fashion led to the start of Classics Anew. To further promote the culture and knowledge of cheongsam to the public, Janko published her first book about cheongsam making stories in 2016.