DEMO. is a fashion label founded by Derek Chan in 2014, specialising in menswear. It is imbued with an antiquated spirit, and an attention to detail and erudite tailoring. Classical mens' and womens' garments have always been a core source of inspiration at DEMO.

Notions of “contemporary” and “classic” are the core DNA of DEMO, striking a delicate balance between the freedom of contemporary fashion and the traditions of classical dressing styles. DEMO dismantles the gender's strict boundaries. Sensation, emotion and slenderness are not for female only. DEMO’s outfits break through the stereotype of gender with soft silhouette, structure and novel details. In these rapidly changing times, we here at DEMO strive every day to provide you with a satisfaction and solemnity that melds with today's most forward-thinking minds.

DEMO collections are available at Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, The Fashion Door in Guangzhou and Magmode in Chengdu.