Fiona Lau & Kain Picken

In 2010, Fiona Lau and Kain Picken founded the brand FFIXXED STUDIOS, a collaborative mens and womenswear brand based in Hong Kong. Their aim is to make clothing and objects that respond, adapt to, and inspire changing conditions for contemporary living.

The ready-to-wear label evolves seasonally alongside a variety of other projects and collaborations that inform the evolution of the brand. FFIXXED STUDIOS represents an ongoing dialogue rather than presenting a singular idea or current aesthetic. They see fashion as part of a wider discussion about the production and consumption of contemporary culture, reflecting on the role clothing and objects play in constructing our daily lives, exploring notions of work and life in contemporary culture and prioritizing movement and openness both conceptually and in material and functional terms. FFIXXED STUDIOS proposes a laid-back simplicity, merging both Asian and Western influences, emphasised by modern cutting and a fluid, eclectic aesthetic. They draw on natural fibres, custom-developed fabrics and personalised production techniques to address issues of sustainability and ethical working processes.

The designers won the International Woolmark Prize womenswear Asia in 2013 and were a finalist for Italian Vogue talents in 2015. In 2016, the pair received the "Best Original Design Award" in Shanghai Fashion Week and "Y.E.S. Sustainability Award" by yoox.com; they have collaborated with yoox.com and Lane Crawford for exclusive collections. Also, they were selected to be one of the “10 Asian Designers To Watch” of Fashion Asia 2018 Hong Kong organised by the Hong Kong Design Centre.