MODEMENT is a Hong Kong-based fashion label established in 2010. For years, the designer has been crafting a unisex image for both genders (with a rare emphasis on menswear) by using minimal cutting and outstanding silhouettes.

In 2013, MODEMENT was officially launched during Hong Kong Fashion Week. Most of her collection is strongly influenced by the multi-faceted culture of Hong Kong, ranging from hybridized city landscape to vernacular food stores. It is the essence of MODEMENT that every single piece of fashion carries a meaning of its own, which inspires, communicates and finally enhances the wearers. The stockists cover Japan, Egypt, Hong Kong and the Mainland of China.

Aries Sin, the founder of MODEMENT, was already a fashion design enthusiast recognized by the sector over a number of scholarships and awards before she earned her Higher Diploma of Fashion Design and Product Development from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) in 2008. Some of which had offered her valuable overseas working experience such as Peclers Paris. In 2013, Aries was listed as the “Next Generation of Design Talent - 40 under 40” by Perspective Magazine and received the Bronze Award of Design for Asia Awards 2013 by Hong Kong Design Centre.

Over the years, MODEMENT’s unique unisex collections have been the favorites of J Alexander (Miss J), who is an American reality television personality and runway coach best known for his work on America's Next Top Model; local artists such as Miriam Yeung, Candy Lo, Denise Ho, Andy Hui, Hins Cheung, Endy Chow and Ellen Loo, etc.